Catálogo de productos Proraso y Marvis

Between tradition
and modernity

Our mission is to change the paradigm of shaving and male grooming in the world, transmitting the benefits of the classic shaving culture and formulas of natural ingredients. Our goal is to prepare the skin as comfortably as possible for the contact with the blade and then treat it with moisturizing and repairing elements that soften the skin while experiencing refreshing sensations. It is our desire to return to the past, to the beard of old and ancient traditions with a modern and avant-garde approach. Converting male shaving and care, such a personal experience, into a special and satisfying moment. We respect the environment and encourage men to dedicate more time to themselves, whether in the traditional Barbershop or from the comfort of their own home. We pursue the enjoyment of the small precious moments and unique experiences of our lives that leave their mark.

The vision of our ideals is to offer a careful selection of products of natural origin for shaving and personal care for men, handcrafted with the support of new technologies to form a perfect combination.

Our values ​​are the fundamental pillars from which we build the essence of our brand. We are a responsible and sustainable company and for the creation of our products we use natural elements that do not harm the environment and at the same time respect the animal world. Spanish tradition, art, experience, design and the avant-garde is embodied in each of our creations… This is Vielong.