The experience of a different shave

Long live the barbershop!

Today we have become accustomed to watching life pass us by at full speed in front of our eyes, without hardly allowing us time to actually live it and, much less, enjoy it. We live in a world where things and experiences are practically disposable and that nothing lasts forever. At Vielong we hold dear to us life´s unique experiences, those in which we are allowed to take care of our body and our mind.

We may partake in diverse activities such as playing sports, meditation, or even to simply go out shopping. But we can also consciously choose to spend some of our free time in environments that allow us to take care of our appearance, our hair and ultimately, our own definitive style. It is in a barbershop that we can explore this and more.

Barbershops have always adapted to change. This was most notable during the 1960s with the influence of the particular style of the British band The Beatles, with their mod mop tops, fringes, and primmed sideburns, many barber shops were replaced by modern hairdressers. Both sexes were catered for in one business, which up until then was traditionally separated.

Historically, barbershops were a meeting point for men. In these places they met, with their coffees, drinks and cigars, and spent their time in absolute privacy. Clients and barbers alike confessed and commented on their concerns of the day, would discuss fashion and other issues that would never leave such a trusted circle.

For some time now we find ourselves again witnessing the rebirth of barbershops. A true masculine oasis in which perfect cuts are made with traditional, daring and avant-garde techniques. These are places where men have returned to the habit of spending time together and where unique styles and endless conversations are created.

And therefore, we repeat with passion and pride… Long live the barbershop!