Proraso Products: At service to the best barbers in the world

The Martelli family: Three generations of Proraso products revolutionizing shaving in Italy.

In 1908, D. Ludovico Martelli Martelli founded a company specializing in the manufacture of cosmetics for men in Florence, of which carried his own name.

In 1948, at the hands of his son Piero Martelli, this small Florentine laboratory began to experiment and innovate with some of its precious formulas for the development of new products. It was at that moment when Proraso products first appeared: pre and after shave lotions that surprised Italian barbers for their efficacy and freshness, as they managed to change and revolutionize the shaving experience in an Italy eager for change and new ideas.

Today, the laboratories in which Proraso products are made continue to innovate and challenge the latest trends with formulas that continue being successful with the passing of time and have become authentic classics.

Over time, those responsible for Proraso products have been improving the formulations of their creams and lotions, enriching and improving their natural ingredients; updating the packaging and creating new product lines that have created an increasing number of fans.

Despite the logical evolution of the company, three generations Martelli have defended, always and above all, their values and principles: the creation of professional products and a high level of quality that give a pleasant and impeccable shave, both in the barbershop and at home.

Productos Proraso

Proraso product formulations are based on natural ingredients of plant origin, without parabens, silicones or artificial colors.Proraso products include creams and and shaving foams, soaps and after shave lotions. However, Proraso also designs and manufactures brushes and combs for beards and mustaches, hairbrushes and razors.

Vielong are official distributors in Spain and Portugal of each and every one of Proraso´s products, which are distributed in five product lines for male shaving:

Green (fresh and vibrant), White (fruity and protective), Red (nourishing and softening), Blue (spicy and moisturizing) and Yellow (sweet and precise).

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