Marvis Toothpaste: A different experience in dental care

Marvis Marvis is the retro brand of dental care of the Florentine house founded by Ludovico Martelli, the family who also own Proraso and Tenax skincare products for men. Direct from Italy comes something so different that it is almost impossible for us to hold back our desire to try: Marvis toothpaste.

Marvis toothpaste is fresh, iconic, contemporary and original. Marvis elevates a simple moment, such as daily dental care, and makes it a memorable moment of pure pleasure.

With this premise, Marvis has created unusual flavors that captivate captivate and generate a whirlwind of sensations. With its characteristic compact texture, Marvis toothpaste offers a pleasant sensation of taste and freshness, whilst caring for and protecting the teeth for an enviable smile.

Pasta de dientes Marvis

Classic mint, strong mint, jasmine, ginger, cinnamon… There are a total of seven unusual and lush flavors that make up the unique range of Marvis toothpaste

In recent years, Marvis has embarked on a journey to discover the old and new continents, in which ancient cultures meet exotic and fantastic places. From this unforgettable journey, inspired by the wonders that we can find throughout our planet, Wonders of the World is born, the range of Marvis toothpaste in limited edition with unusual ingredients, captivating notes and nuances of completely different flavors.

If you are already a fan of Marvis toothpaste, we at Vielong have excellent news to tell you: you can now also enjoy the renowned Marvis mouthwash in its Classic Strong Mint version.

Vielong are official distributors of Marvis in Spain and Portugal. If you think your business would be interested in buying or distributing our products contact us so we can provide you with all the information you need.