Barber´s products distributor

Vielong Distributor: high quality barber´s products for men

The hipster culture, considered the last urban tribe of the 21st century, has among its physical characteristics an abundance of beards and moustaches. It is a clear example that men´s grooming is not at war with manhood or intellect. Many clients adhere to this culture and it is important to meet their beard and moustache care needs. And to achieve this, there is nothing like being a distributor of barbershop products.

It is a market that should be properly explored, since these are men who do not choose any product to take care of their grooming needs. That is why Vielong offers the best items you can use and sell to barber shops and other locations with a male audience. This is the way to become an official Vielong barber shop distributor.

Vielong Distributor: The best quality brand

Taking care of the skin, beard and moustache with quality products is the slogan of barbers and hairdressers. For this, they need a barbershop distributor that offers a quality brand with a variety of products. It is to be found with Vielong, from brushes to razors, through specialized creams for the beard, moustache and skin (including the Proraso brand)..

Vielong Distributor: For all skin types

It is mistakenly thought that men pay no attention to the type of products they use. On the contrary, they are interested in reading what is put on the label, the ingredients and what benefits they will receive. At Vielong, regardless of age or type of clientele, we have the right product for every need and skin type.
As a Vielong barbershop distributor, you can educate your customers about our different product lines for the skin and beard that, besides being free of artificial chemical components, offer incredible softness and aromas. All packaged in a high-quality product. As a barbershop distributor, you can guarantee the quality of our products so that when your customers buy them, they will note their benefits.

How to become a Vielong barbershop distributor

We are a company with a long history of success, so it’s natural that there is a keen desire to be a distributor of Vielong barbershop products. However it is not just about being a barber’s tools supplier, but about representing a whole line designed for men. Our shaving creams with natural ingredients obtain a super smooth skin, without irritation and giving a perfect shave. All our Vielong customers experience this with our products.

With many years of experience in this sector, we know perfectly well that our products will continue to stand the test of time. By becoming a Vielong barbershop distributor you can offer shaving brushes of natural hair or extra soft synthetic fibers of the highest grade, as well as hair brushes, special supports and of course, Parker shaving razors that meet all expectations.

If you want to sell wholesale barbershop products of the best quality, please contact us. Either through our website, completing our form or calling us on +34 963 406 033.