A passion for horses: Its in Vielong´s DNA

How do we get horse hair to make our natural hair brushes?

The love of horses and the passion for nuturing the “Pure Spanish Horse or pura raza española”, originally from Andalusia and considered one of the finest breeds in the world for its pure genetics, comes naturally as part of the traditions of our land. The Andalusian horse is also known worldwide for the perfection of its aesthetics and for its dazzling beauty and are also part of the DNA of Vielong, which is reflected in our natural horse hair brushes.

The arrival of spring begins with the grooming of the horses. Their care begins with a bath, and continues with brushing the body and the hair. Next, the mane and tail hair are cut so that the horses can be cooler in summer and for their own hygiene and a healthier appearance.

For the great love and admiration we have for our horses and whilst respecting our environment, we carefully collect this hair, select it, treat it and trim it.

Once in our workshop, the hair goes through a process of conditioning, softening and sanitation, to ensure that it complies with the strictest processes of quality and hygiene. Using our method, when we incorporate the hair into our brushes we achieve an environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical product of which we are proud.

After more than 75 years of manufacturing shaving brushes and other items for men´s hair and skin care, Vielong continues to support and encourage the use of natural and high quality raw materials obtained through native and sustainable sources for the development of their products.

The shaving experience with our natural horse hair brushes is unrivaled. The softness, the texture and the unique facial massage a horsehair brush gives has converted many shavers to use our brushes as part of their skincare routine. The indisputable quality of the Andalusian horse make Vielong natural hair brushes a unique product in the market, both nationally and internationally