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Classic Shaving

Spain, 1940. Our story begins with our founder Juan Bautista Julián, artisan, entrepreneur, innovator and a man with a passion for classic shaving and personal care. In the beginning, a small workshop in the Ruzafa neighborhood of Valencia served as the headquarters to produce his first masterpieces: unique handmade brushes and razors. With great skill and precision, through long hours of work, he perfected the manufacturing techniques. All kinds of materials – wood, metals, resins and a wide variety of fibers and animal hair – were incorporated into the designs. The result of which created extraordinary tools of high precision and design that produced the best of shaves. Whilst more and more of the traditional barbershops of Spain and Europe used his products, the name Vielong became synonymous with Spanish high-quality personal grooming items. Famous Spanish and foreign personalities commissioned him to create unique and extraordinary pieces, such as exclusive shaving sets.

With over 75 years of experience Vielong has grown to become recognised as not only the #1 manufacturer of badger and boar shaving brushes in Spain, but also the #1 manufacturer of horsehair brushes worldwide.

Throughout the years, under a strict and rigorous process of selection of raw materials, exceptional formulas were developed for the creation of shaving soaps, creams and oils for the care of the beard. Using the purest manufacturing methods, natural elements never before seen for the elaboration of said products were incorporated. Fruit of the collaboration with the greatest perfumers, fragrances and essences were created for the products that transmitted the character and traditions of the company. Continuing with our philosophy of transforming the art of our expertise into products of the highest quality, Vielong is currently a world reference in shaving and men´s care.

Vielong fabricante y distribuidor de productos para afeitado

the most sublime expression of European men´s shaving and grooming

Our products are sold in more than 40 countries worldwide. We are in the vanguard of developing excellence in men´s shaving and personal care, blending Spanish innovation, tradition and expertise to create handmade products of world renown.


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Brocha Vielong
Shaving Brush.

Innovation, technology and design merge in the Nördik collection. Excellence in men´s care and classic shaving as proven with more than 75 years of experience in fabricating handmade tools and cosmetics for men, result in the creation of the Nordik collection. Inspired by the northern seas, a collection of pure and refined lines is created in total harmony with nature. Made with natural hairs such as horse and badger, or synthetic fibers that emulate natural hair because of the tension, absorption of water and softness, help emulsify the shaving cream using less amount of product.

At Vielong we take pride in our creativity and inspiration to create a work of art with each piece and transmit, in some way, our history and expertise into each of our products.

Champú barba Proraso
Shampoo beard
Wood and Spice.

EUREKA !! Without a doubt, Proraso has achieved a perfect formulation for beard shampoo based on natural ingredients of plant origin, without parabens, silicones or artificial colors. As part of the “Yellow Line” it combines notes of cumin and saffron with woody touches that enhance the sweet fragrance of vanilla. It is intended for those beards that require precise and deep care, nourishing the hair and leaving it soft and smooth.

Champú barba Proraso
Vielong Shaving Soap
Vielong Shaving Soap
Vielong Beard Shampoo
Vielong Beard Shampoo
Proraso Pre shave cream refresh
Proraso Pre shave cream refresh